Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fall in the south

it happened all of a sudden, as it usually does, i guess. one day you wake up and open the blinds, and all the trees are firey red and brilliant yellow...beautiful in the clear, early morning light. the hardwood holds on a little more, so there is still some pretty vibrant green back in the woods here and there, but there is no question that i finally woke up to fall.

we were at the state fair yesterday - an experience my canadian friends and i didn't have growing up. it's definitely not my cup of tea, but The Girls had a great time - rides, friends (we went with the staff), food...they each even won a prize throwing darts at balloons. we also got to see pig races - how funny! - where they alternated pig, goat, pig, ducks and finally pigs again. you've never lived til you've seen a duck race.... and again, me without my camera! dang!

and you'll get no complaints from me about the weather....

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