Friday, October 26, 2007

reason #178

the first thing i fell in love with were his hands - they are big and smooth and strong, with broad fingers and nice cuticles. they are just beautiful. i used to watch over his shoulder while he played the piano, and it was hypnotizing. (so i have a hand fetish - sue me!)

recently i added a new reason to love those hands, and the man behind them. kyra is trying to learn how to crochet, and the "directions" are not very clear. we've all taken a shot at interpreting them, to no avail. but to see curtis, head bent in concentration, with his big, strong fingers trying to help her unravel the mysteries of crochet - that was another beautiful and hypnotizing thing.

curtis is a great dad. The Girls and i are so lucky to have him.


Sabrina said...

My mom crochets like mad... perhaps she can help Kyra out.

Annie said...

I loved this post. :0) I love to see real people in real love with each other!!