Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ranting and raving

so meg wants to be a girl scout. great! the registration fee is only $10! great! plus $4/mo dues. no problem. plus $14.50 vest, $15 pants, $24.50 skort (for "formal" occasions), $14.95 (plus shipping, because i cannot find it in an acutal store to save my life) for the formal occasion blouse, $12 for the casual brownie t-shirt, and $16.30 for patches & pins. for a grand total of $107.25, not counting dues or shipping. but hey, at least meg has black shoes already. it's not even the money - it's truth in advertising. i'd much rather they ask for $125 upfront, and then just give us the uniform & et al. not only would it be clearer the commitment you are making, but it would immensely simplify the process - for everyone. i think of the lower income parents who want to provide opportunities for their daughters, and suddenly $10 swells into $100... it's just not fair, you know?

in addition to which, i was assaulted with CHRISTMAS for sale at penny's already. correct me if i'm wrong, but we have not yet finished the halloween debacle, nor thanksgiving... no wonder we are all sick of christmas by december 25th. and that is just plain sad.


kristine said...

too much christmas? i think not! i've just pulled out all my christmas music. and have 3 new disks soon to come, josh groban, jars os clay, and third day(already got on the weekend). ahhh christmas. the only time of year when my soul truly breaths.

Jessica said...

Maybe this will make you feel better. . . postsecret now has it's own COMMUNITY with a message board and videos and audio secrets, oh my! http://postsecretcommunity.com/