Wednesday, October 24, 2007

**mom warning**

i rarely do this publicly, but can i just say, i am so proud of my daughters?

this has been parent/teacher week, and my girls are exceptionally intelligent, kind, responsible, well liked, excited to learn, passionate about equality and friendship... their teachers go on and on with a sort of wide eyed wonder. it's what every mom wants to hear...and i am so proud of my girls. especially because they aren't just smart, but they have beautiful, beautiful hearts. what more could i possibly ask for?


Sarah said...

That is awesome. Where the heck could they have picked that stuff up?!?

Angela said...

And trust me, teachers don't say that to every parent! Go you and dad for raising faithful, loving daughters.

Susan said...

Your daughters have so enriched my life... I feel proud to know them and look forward to what they have to tell me every time I see their smiling faces walk into hopetown!