Sunday, October 21, 2007

to know what the night knows

I need the fading light to sink beneath my skin
The crickets to crawl into my heart & sing their song.

The light of day has burnt my skin
Left me exposed & dry around the edges –
I need the evening air to inflate my lungs & breathe for me
To cool the raging furnaces of do & don’t,
Quiet the voices and still.

How can a twig be held suspended by a silken thread?
Is the tail of that squirrel twitching its Morse code for me?

Green and gold and brown is the light that seeps through the trees -
Then its momentary magic is gone
And all that is left is something by which I can see.

I need to know what the night knows.
How it holds the dark so lightly in it’s palm
Without fear or pain
Without even dark.


Sarah said...

The power you wield...I was forced to go spend some still moments out on my porch pondering this.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that if you locked a million squirrels in a room for a million years that they would Morse code the complete works of William Shakespeare?